Nova Launcher

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From the name of the app, it is pretty clear that it is an Android launcher. Are you looking forward to replacing the home screen of your Android smartphone? If yes, use the Nova Launcher and you are good to go. This launcher is very powerful and the user can customize it the way they want in order to get the maximum level of satisfaction.

The user interface of Nova Launcher is very simple and user-friendly. The Nova Launcher ensures that you have a cleaner and faster home screen. Now that you know about Nova Launcher, let us discuss the features of Nova Launcher.

Features of Nova Launcher

Firstly, using the Nova Launcher, you can customize the theme of all the icons of the apps and games which are available on the Google Play Store. In addition to that, to make it easier for the user to use the Nova Launcher app even during the night, the launcher supports both the night mode and the dark mode. Upon the specified time, the night mode is automatically turned on.

Even the app drawer of Nova Launcher can be customized the way you want to. Nova Launcher supports both horizontal and vertical scroll. In addition to that, Nova Launcher also supports page effects. Other immersive options are also available on Nova Launcher. You can customize the app drawer almost the way you want to.

The subgrid positioning of Nova Launcher gives the users to power to snap both the widgets and the icons which is present between the grid cell. This is very helpful especially when it comes to precision. Even when you shift to a new Android smartphone, you can carry the same home screen. It is because you can carry a backup on Nova Launcher and then, restore all the options.

The Nova Launcher is a highly optimized Android launcher that runs very smoothly. Even the animations which are present is very snappy.

Know More About Nova Launcher Prime

Are you planning to buy the premium version of Nova Launcher? Let us discuss the features of Nova Launcher Prime. The Nova Launcher Prime supports gestures. Basic gestures which are supported includes double tap, swipe, pinch and you have the option of adding many custom commands too.

Custom tabs can be added for the app drawer groups. This is very handy especially when you want to feel super organized. The Nova Launcher Prime also gives the users the power to hide the apps that they want to store privately. Isn’t that cool? Your very own secret drawer?

Run Nova Launcher on Nox

You can download the Nova Launcher on your computer using the Nox app. Nox is an Android emulator. It means that using the Nox Android Emulator, you will be able to run the apps and games which are designed for the Android smartphone. Many people use the Nox Android emulator for playing games mobile games in a large desktop.

The stability which is provided by the Nox Emulator is what makes it highly popular among the users. For downloading the Nova Launcher on Nox Android Emulator, open the Google Play Store in it and then, search there for Nova Launcher. You can then go forward and download Nova Launcher for your desktop!

Download Nova Launcher On Nox

  1. Download the Nox emulator on your computer through a browser.
  2. Install the Nox emulator on your computer/laptop.
  3. Run it.
  4. Sign in to your Google account on Nox Emulator.
  5. Open Google Play Store and search for Nova Launcher
  6. Download Nova Launcher on Nox Emulator and install it
  7. Open Nova Launcher on Nox emulator and start running it.

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