Sims FreePlay

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Sims FreePlay is a game created by The Sims. It is one of the best-selling simulation games. You can play Sims FreePlay is real-time. What makes Sims FreePlay is fun is that you have the power to customize homes and wardrobes. You can live your dream in the Sims FreePlay game. You can earn Simoleons by completing goals. You can then use Simoleons for then expanding your town. While expanding your town, you can earn rewards in the way. More than 300 million users from across the world can use Sims FreePlay.

Features of Sims FreePlay

You can customize everything in the Sims’ lives and this includes everything from floor to ceiling. In this game, the user can go ahead and customize the home, swimming pools, décor, floors and of course, the different buildings in town. You will have to play hard to win all the lifestyle points and you can then use the points that you have earned for buying trendy items.

The players also have the option of visiting the Sims town of your friends. You can go there and form new relationships. This will help each other to exchange designing stuff of the house.

We all know that life looks better when everyone is together. And this is the reason why, Sims FreePlay allows you to build relationships in the game. You can start a new relationship, fall in love with your partners and even get married and then of course, start a family! One can express different sorts of emotions in the game just like real human being.

On Sims FreePlay, you can also start your different dream careers too. You can go and try all the different occupations in the Sims FreePlay. The opportunities are always limitless in the world of Sims FreePlay.

The game features four kinds of currencies: Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, Social Points and Simcash. The premium users of the game will be allowed to earn many advantages through the game.

Requirements to Play Sims FreePlay

For playing Sims FreePlay on your smartphone, you will need free storage of at least 1.8 GB. One can play the Sims FreePlay game for free of cost. However, there are few in-app purchases too in the game. And an internet connection is required for playing the game.

Know More About Sims FreePlay

Sims FreePlay was developed by EA Mobile and later the development was resumed to Firemonkeys Studio. The game was first launched in 2011 and since then it was made available in a wide sort of platform.

Sims FreePlay on Nox

Do you like to play games on a bigger screen? If yes, then use should try downloading and installing the Nox Android Emulator on your computer. Nox is an Android Emulator that allows the users to run Android apps and games on the computer. The Nox allows users to run Android games and apps. What makes Nox the best Android emulator is that it is a highly stable software and it won’t crash.

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Download Sims FreePlay On Nox

  1. Download Nox emulator on your computer through a browser.
  2. Install the Nox emulator on your computer/laptop.
  3. Run it.
  4. Sign in to your Google account on Nox Emulator.
  5. Open Google Play Store and search for Sims FreePlay
  6. Download Sims FreePlay on Nox Emulator and install it
  7. Open Sims FreePlay on the Nox emulator and start running it.

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